Thursday, 25 September 2014

I can't even pretend to not be excited about this.

A trade showed up in the mail today and I'm rediculously excited about it.

So two full Motorized Rifle Coys with BMP 2s, a Tank bn - of T-72s, three full Coys and the Bn HQ.
A SPA pl of three 122s 2S1s, a pl of three BM-21s for some rocket action and some recce BRDMs, with some ATGM cars for good luck. There are three hinds and some planes as well.

Yup. I'm stoked. 

I'll post up the yanks I got next.

I'm going to base everything up so that it doesn't turn into a parking lot like in some games and pick up some infantry, because it's a little rediculous to not have the footsloggers.

Until next time.

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