Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My first Team Yankee list

So here I am in team yankee, probably the most interesting period I've seen put out and I'm pumped.

I study russian kit and equipment pretty much daily so the second I saw them I was in. Big bite. Hook line and sinker. 

So at first I was sure I was going to do a soviet tank list butevery list I wrote up just felt makes with so little infantry so the motor rifle battalion said pony up. And so I did.

So I think my first list is pretty well rounded. I took big core stuff and a bit of everything else to make it both flexible and easy to learn the full game if you will.

So I started with the bn hq, as everyone needs a CO,  and like the rest of the infantry in the list I mounted him in a BMP-2.

The boss and his ride

From there I added two mid sized motor rifle companies with gremlins added in to help control the skies over my AO.

So with my core set I knew I needed arbor to make up a combined arms team so six T-72s seemed like something that could draw some attention and dish or some hurt from time to time.

So a combat team worth its salt has arty and so 3 2S1s will give me some some to gain lodgement and then harassing fires.

One of my favorite memories from Afghanistan was sitting in a Shilka in a tank graveyard, so 4 of those joined my lossy and won't be leaving anytime soon. I don't care if they don't even shoot they look awesome. Seriously who doesn't love this thing.

So the hind.  The most beautiful ugly tank granted flight by the gods of war. How many can I take? Six? Only six? Fine I'll take six.

Front there two small two team BMP-2 recce pls brings me up to 99 points and 8 pls.

It's a start.

Until next time.

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  1. Team Yankee is a lot of fun - good luck and enjoy your project!