Sunday, 11 September 2016

One game is all I'll have

So I'm diving in.

I've had my Team Yankee stuff for a while now but with the twins and work and everything else it sat by the wayside and I never really found the time to put it all together let alone play.

But with the winds of change blowing favorably in my direction I've been able to assemble enough stuff to have a few options at a fighting force.

That being said, I will get one game, one, uno, un, before I'll be playing in my first tournament.

Okay, no pressure.

I like tournaments because you can step in and just learn, get in a bunch of games, meet new people and inspire yourself to play more.

I'll be honest, I still want to do well.

First things first, I've always been a fan of Flames of War because of the missions and I expect team Yankee to be nothing less.

So with that I've been delving into the missions.

Now there are six missions in the book, but Battlefront has added their more missions pack which changes things up a bit.

Team Yankee mission pack

In the more missions back there is a bit of a generals gambit to start things off with players essentially taking a tactical stance, picking between three options, Prepared attack, hasty attack and Defend. From here you compare both players choices and consult a chart which determines what type of scenario you'll roll to play between Meeting engagements, mobile battles and defensive battles.

It's a super cool simple little mechanic that will enable players yet another place to game each other and play out the part of commanders. Looking at the table and each others armies you can attempt to sway the situation more favorably or as I am want to do at least less favorably for your opponent.

This is something I really appreciate. The chance to situate myself in a place where my army can do what it wants to, at the cost of potentially getting caught off guard by a bold move. This is everything I want in a modern game.

So with that I'm trying to:

          1)Learn all the missions; and
          2)Decide which army to then play based off that understanding.

So I have three options for army to play, which is all three current lists the Soviets have, a T-72 Bn, a Motor Rifle Bn, and an Afghantsy Air Assault Bn. If I go Afghantsy I will have to assemble more Hinds, which I'm not fond of but its still in there.

So really right now I'm looking at massed T-72s vs a more General MRB list.


So what do you guys think? Should I go tanks? Fall back on what I know with the Infantry or take to the air in big ass assault helos? Did I mention I really hate flying in Helos?

Right now I've basically decided that with either list I'm going to attack. Setting up to defend in a defensive battle gives time of the attack to my opponent. And as I hate leaving home without thermal I don't want to put my soviet force at a huge disadvantage right off the hop. 

Any big advise from experienced Soviet Commanders? I'm all ears. Hit me up in the comments.

Until next time.

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