Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The story you always heard, but never saw...

I heard it from my cousin, his friend had a neighbor that... ... ...

Weighted dice.  Yup I said it. At tournaments or after a game gone wrong people joke about putting their dice in the oven, sixes up... That'll fix em. Not that anyone ever did this.

You'd joke when someone went on a hot streak "someone check those dice!" But nobody ever needed to.

There is a chivalry among gamers that makes this something I don't think anyone ever worried about.

Until now.

I'm not big on re-posting but this being one of the saddest things I'd read, and I think it speaks to the worst in gamers, something that I'm happy we so rarely see. I also think it raises questions about how we properly self regulate.


The reality is that there are a ton of ways to cheat, but why would you? Be it weighted dice, rolling techniques, or any of the other cheating ways out there you only really cheat yourself.

So what would you do or want done if you found someone was cheating? Would it be different if they cheated you? Would it make a difference if they cheated against someone else? Do they lose the game? Are they out of the tournament? What do you do about this?

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