Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! Or just goals.... Either way.


So its that time of year where we celebrate with out families, share gifts and for many on a night like tonight get blitzed!

I'm thankful for so much this year, my friends and family, my beautiful wife, working with a great bunch of people overseas and coming home safe. And with such a great year behind me I'm looking toward the new year with optimistic anticipation.

Found this beauty sitting out in the sun.

And a few of its friends. Made me think about doing up a soviet list. But then I thought about how much fun I have fighting them so I figured I'd try something different.

So this year I'm hoping to put together a winter VolkGrenadier Coy, work on my Americans more (I hope to play them in at least one tournament) and aside from FoW, I'm going to work on some 15mm Chechyns for a Grozny game a friend and I are working on with a modified FoW system.

So what are you guys thinking of getting into or finishing up this year?

Also if anyone has any advice on painting winter white wash on dunkelgelb hit me up. I'm looking for something to give me an arm up in my fight against painting my figs.

Until next time.

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