Sunday, 9 March 2014

AAR Regina Rifles FOW Tournament

So this weekend I took off in the Sulaco for parts unknown, or Regina Saskatchewan, whichever came first.

I had never played my list before, but in a previous post I let other people pick it so that probably meant it was gonna go well, right? 

So I took the School of Hard Knocks as I call it, ie the bellow. 

  Confident    Trained   Panzer Ausbildungs Abteilung 500
Replacement Heavy Tank Force
German Late-War
Tank Company
Panzer Ausbildungs Abteilung 500 HQ p.81
2Ausbildungs Panther A or G290
Combat Platoons
Panther Ausbildungs Platoon p.78
Ausbildungs Panther A or G
Assault Rifle Tank Escort
Schwere Panzer Ausbildungs Platoon p.81
2Ausbildungs Tiger I E280
Schwere Panzer Ausbildungs Platoon p.81
2Ausbildungs Königstiger (Porsche)445
Leichte Panzer Ausbildungs Platoon p.81
4Ausbildungs Panzer III L or M180
Company Points:1645 Source document: Desperate Measures book

We assembled around 9am, talked about the tables, and Lance set us up with our pairings. 

The first table I played on was a Eastern front tribute, a few building set about the Russian forests.

My opponent hits me with as you can see, BLUE STEEL!
We set up and as the Objectives hit the table, we've halved it, with all four objectives being on the left side of the table. It looks like we both had the same idea though, using it as a feint to maneuver through the open ground.

He gets the first turn and digs in on the objectives with 2 pls of 2ID, some AT guns and 6 light 105s, while his recce, Chaffees and Hellcats push my right flank.

On my turn I start to move out but as he's vet and GTG I can't do diddly with the left flank.

On the right I burst around the corner with the PzIIIs,

Dropping one and bailing another... This may have been a bad idea. Lucky for me the return fire is a crazy number of bails, only felling one tank.

Panthers begin shooting up the 105s.

Less 105s.

The PzIIIs all remount and ROF 3 really does a number on the Chaffees seeing them leave the field, well the one that wasn't burning.

But retribution is to come, and his Tank Hunters pop out destroying the OC and his panther. He quickly climbs out of the wreckage and mounts the nearest Tiger.

He adds a second PzIII to his kill sheet.

This is really where the gun fight starts. And the last remaining PzIII remounts his vehicle hitting the Hellcats with all three shots.

While on the Left my Panthers continue to remove assets.

They remount whats left and see him off.

The tigers shift right and blow up the last of the cats.

Having destroyed the 105s and the 57mm guns, the Panthers and KTs begin working on the Infantry. It's a moot point now and seeing the end will be Nasty, Brutish and short, we call it. 5-2 to the School of Hard Knocks.

Serious face is serious.


And drinking some more.

Ordering another round.

And drinking it.

Grabbing few more.

And some food showed up! He had beerogies... Seriously. It was awesome.

Apple pork burger with the fixin's.

Not gonna lie. from here there are pics. and I remember some features of what happened but as the beer kicked in... Well...Lets just say after my tour the beer has had, somewhat more of an effect.

As you can see my photo taking was becoming not unlike my vision.

2nd Battle was Pincer with me attacking against Joe Vandeleur and the Welsh Guard. Lets face facts, from here photos were well spaced and sketchy. It's pretty much a photo dump from here.

6-1 for the School kids.

Last game was Breakthrough against a super nasty 2ID list. SUPER NASTY... It ended 4-3 for me on turn 12-15. We lost count. Everything after turn 9 was a blur. Everything in this list has teeth by the way. Bazooka-y killy teeth.

I don't know what happened but in the end I had the top score of the day and took a sweet little trophy home. It was a blast and the guy who puts it on, Lance is the man, and his main concern is that everyone has fun. ie best tournament organizer ever.

So fun was had and I picked up a puma and a Stuka, before sobering up, remounting and driving some 400km home.

It was a good time.

Until next time.

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