Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Imagine Games x-wing store championship, or my first 4 games of xwing...

So I recently had the chance to pick up and try xwing and what better place to learn the ropes and play a bunch of games than in a tournament?

We had a death in the family and I'd been taking care of the family, I wasn't going to go but my amazing wife told me to, she said I needed some time to recoup. I told her I loved her she said "I know" with a little smile. She may have been missing the blaster but she had my heart, I mean how perfect was that?

I had no idea what I was going to play outside of a bwing or two. The mighty bwing was the first model I ever put together and I love the thing to this day so it was in for sure. I picked out a few xwing sand was set until my buddy walked over and told me I was playing the Falcon. Well I couldn't really argue with that. I took Chewie with a gunner and assault missiles, and two blue squadron bwings with fire control systems, with two wookies in the list I called it, let the wookie win and ran with it.

I didn't manage to take many pics, between my headspace being what it was and learning a new game I was occupied. 

My first game was against an imperial list with a great mix of ships, ties and interceptors. Wow I was in the thick of it now and to be honest I was playing my first 100 point game simply trying not to get tabled too early. All I wanted was to down a single ship and game one would be a victory, if only personal. 

So long story shore to shot down my first tie, then my second, an interceptor and before I knew it, I had taken out the imperials for the loss of a b wing. Not too shabby. My opponent Mike was amazing and really helped me out walking me through things. He had recently played in his first tournament and was gracious for the help given to him and he passed it on. Amazing guy, can't wait for a rematch.

My second game was against My friend Byron.

He had a rebel flight of two b wings, a rookie x wing and the man, wedge antilles.

In short he shot the crap out of me. But I got wedge... 

Byron is the man and we had a ton of fun. He went on to win the whole thing in style, cause he's awesome. Fact.

Third game was against my friend Nigel and has bringing the pain with the lamda, and a fun assortment of friends. 

I made a big mistake in the opening pass of focusing on the lamda, I almost took it out but I could of taken down a few escorting ships instead. As it was some lucky shots aced a few ships and by the time the lamda turned around I had killed off all but a tie and the falcon killed off the lamda before it could fire.  Great game and a great opponent.  Lost a bwing.

The first pass. I got really lucky flying through the asteroids with the falcon. Hard twos were my saving grace.

Last game was against my great friend Mike. He was flying rebels, with Ten Numb, Luke and Wedge. As he sat down at the table he questioned weather he should have convinced me to use the falcon. All in all the dice left him, he couldn't hit to save his life and his ships seemed to be turning into shots rather than using agility to get out of the way. He went on to take fourth. 

In the end I had a blast and learned a lot, like if you take an assault missile you'll never fire it... I ended up taking second place while playing my first four games, beginners luck for sure. The players and eh game were all amazing and I really can't wait to get to do it again.

Can't wait to play more and try some new things out.

Here are a few other pics of games I took.

Final match

Dave and his swarm. 

I really wanted to take on the lamda swarm.

More of the final.

Until next time.


  1. Looks like a great event and a great way to take your mind off the home situation.
    Sorry to hear about your families loss.

  2. It was nice to see you out, Chris. Anne and the rest of your family are in our thoughts.

    Great batreps. I am going to try out that "Let the Wookie Win" list of yours. Ian's Lambda swarm was nutty. Darth Vader was force-choking my guys to death from the bridge of his ship!