Sunday, 4 May 2014

May the Fourth be with you.

It's a fun day for those who love Star Wars today. Between light sabers, blasters and the force its a good time to remember three awesome movies and pretend like three others were just bad dreams.

I've had a great time playing X-Wing of late, it's the game I've been waiting for since I saw the movie as a child. If you sat through A New Hope and didn't walk away dreaming of piloting one of those ships, dog fighting and speeding down that trench, I don't know what to tell you other than you're dead inside.

Few things were greater than opening up the Falcon and having my wife stare at me as I flew it around the living room making ship sounds and telling the kid not to get cocky.

So for the day instead of a battle report (which I would have loved to do up) I've collected a few of my favorite fan fic movies.

Also for the future of the franchise, we really REALLY need to just get video game designers to write it out. They've shown they can write a cooler story, with more believable and enjoyable graphics time and time again.

But remember when it comes down to it,

Until next time.

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