Saturday, 17 May 2014

X-wing mat

So I love terrain. He blog has shown that. I love it when games look cool. X-wing is an awesome game and space is an amazing place to do battle, deserving of an awesome backdrop. 

I had looked at lots of ways of making a great gaming surface and had a ton of ideas for different things, from sprayed cloth and felt to hard table surfaces. One idea that had caught my fancywas vinyl   mats. I could find an image and have it printed out in a way that would give me a cool graphic fast and make something that was easily transportable. 

I costed it out at a few local places and got everything from an $80 to a $300 dollar quote. That wasn't happening. A lot of places also had either weird time constraints or image restrictions. It was kind of a nightmare. 

I was sad about it and started to go back to looking into other alternatives when I found a place online and everything changed. 

These guys have a ton of options for cheap and I think have some really cool options for epic size games but I was looking for a 3 x 3.

Long story short I uploaded an image, sized my play area and 30 dollars later including shipping to Canada I had this.

Pretty cool stuff. I downloaded the image from NASA, they have all the best toys to get those pics.

I'm planning out two other mats now, one with large asteroids in an asteroid belt to get that never tell me the odds feel (plus it will let me incorporate big space worms trying to eat ships) and a Death Star surface table. 

Cool thing I didn't realize until after ordering from these guys was they do double sided printing, so you can get two mats in one for a pretty good savings. 

Now I just have to get more asteroids up and going for a better 3D feel. 

There is a little curl to the mat but that's vinyl, I'll add some washers and it'll be gold.

The white border is in addition to the size I ordered so it gives you some room to hold ships and the like. 

Until next time.

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  1. Very cool article man. Thanks for posting the link to the banner store!