Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gun Bunnies Part Deux

I just finished up an MG Pl mounted in carriers and I'm loving both how they look and how they'll play. Giving me the option to either move quickly while still having some long range anti pers fire and the ability to set up either mounted or dismounted firebases to support my Canadians as they advance or defend.

I have a rifle pl and a heavy mortar pl done up and ready to be painted. The rifle pl is based as if they are breaching wire obstacles and pushing through.  The mortar pl is set up in some building ruins or cellars.  I'm going to have a hard time of bringing the whole army together cohesively but I really want to show the many facets of the combat seen in Italy, from the obstacles, the urban fighting, and hopefully it will all fit. My one hope is that I may be able to tie it together if it doesn't fit on its own with a scenic display tray.

I might try to get a pl of Shermans all done up as well. While I'm trying to stay to the infantry with this list, it's always good to have some friends with armour backing you up from time to time.  (Don't tell any of my armoured friends I said that.)

I'm off to the cottage for a few days so I probably wont post until I get back, but who knows, maybe the reception will be amazing and I can post from my phone... Not likely...
Until next time.


  1. Nice, although the pics are a little wiggly - I'v finished 5 Universals and 2 Loyds yesterday too, and I absolutely love those little jalopys.

  2. very nice. what kind of grey did you use on those ones in the back? :)-