Sunday, 5 August 2012

THE RISE OF THE.. ... .. Rise?

So with what hopes to be the first real (read more than 6 people) Flames of War tournament on the horizon I've set about to ensure that my greatest pet peeve shall not be the issue people find with the tournament.

So what then is my pet peeve? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words allow me to show you.

The billiard table of doom is what I hate. I'm not sure who thinks anywhere on earth is this flat is just crazy, and I'm from Manitoba, and have driven through Saskatchewan.

Between people thinking that a table like this is fun, and or in any way resembling the cool battlegrounds they've read about or if lucky enough visited boggles my mind.

So then if you have a problem don't talk about it unless you come with a solution right?

So I set about constructing a ton of my favorite piece of terrain (remember I said I'm from the prairies) the noble, the majestic, the dynamic rise.

So if at this point I've lost you, you're looking around saying 'rise? what the heck is a rise?' yeah you're not alone. Far too few people know of or enjoy the rise on the battlefield and instead only allow it's bigger brother the hill onto the table.

The rise to break it down is essentially a small slow rising hill that is maybe the height of a man, And that might be the most important part.  The rise makes for dead ground on the table, creating that wonderful 3D world it should be where you can't see everything.  This gives a place for for the Infantry to show why they really are the boss, freedom of movement and protection from fire. Yup, The rise.

I've produced a little over a dozen rises so far, but there numbers grow... Have no fear.

You can see some of the big brothers here... Yeah I can't get away with only rises... So into every table a hill or two must come.

In addition to these I've done up some other stuff to fill up a table, some of it you may have seen from other entries here, my one hope is to be able to produce enough to make for some fun tables.

Best ambushed shot of my wife there... She was not impressed. So I worked on making a bit of a stream system to add the fun of crossing water, and slowing down armour.

These still need a coat or two of paint but they'll be a bunch of fun.

So with all this hydration it was onto some crops.

 And as you can see I have a few of those ready to go. Two different heights, one that infantry disappear into and one that conceals them.

I need to do up some plowed fields but I haven't been interested enough to really get on that... They are very fitting and yet lack a cool factor for me.

Add to that the influence of man.

I'm loving these ruins, they've been fun to play on and add a great look and feel with their rowhouse construction. In the back you can see my WIP stuff, the destroyed government building, factory and church.

So I'm thinking I can put together a couple tables with this. I also have a ton of forest area terrain but I figured you didn't really want to see more felt cut up with trees standing on it.

I'm hoping this is enough for 5-7 tables, am I crazy? I'm still working on more terrain, and hopefully will find some time to continue on with my Canadians.

So if you think I need more stuff or am lacking in any major way set me on the right path in the comment section.

Until next time. 


  1. dude we need to chat...I need some buildings, and some buildings painted.

  2. My pet hate as well....bowling greens of doom!
    I am curious about the last image. Did you make those?
    They look excellent.

    1. Yeah I made those... Working on some more now.

  3. That is a great collection of terrain. Whenever I visit a battlefield I am always impressed by the importance terrain made in the outcome. One idea I just had was to prop up one end of the board turning the whole table into a sloped rise. Not sure if it would have much of an effect on the game but it might look interesting.

    1. I've always been amazed by the ground at battlefields, the ins and outs and most importantly (as I'm an Infantryman) the dead ground. It kills me in games when there is nothing like that represented, and when it is you see an amazing and dynamic game evolve.

  4. Hmmm the Rise eh? I have always just played everything as hills, which became slow going and annoyingly slow(4"), for half tracks ... looks like I have a new terrain project on the horizon! Thanks.

  5. Nice work, and lots of it too! I live in a pretty flat rural area, and while it looks completely flat from a distance or a moving car, once you actually walk out into the fields and paddocks there are dips and rises all over the place that easily conceal people and in some cases vehicles. That lot should add some realism to your tables. Good luck with the tournament.