Sunday, 19 August 2012

Video AAAR

So we tried something a little bit different, playing another MW game with the lists we've been running we had a blast and took some video. Yeah, we're not movie stars that's for sure but we had a lot of fun so that counts right?

We played free for all 1500pts MW with Tyler playing a Schwere Pz Coy and I played the PPCLI (Canadian Infantry in Italy)

Schwere Pz Coy
Tiger 1E OC
2 Pl of 1 Tiger 1E
Pl of Grenadiers (7 stands)
Pl of Panzerwerfers (3 with extra crew)

PPCLI in Italy
2 x Rifle pl with piat
1 x Rifle pl
2 x UC pl with .50cals
Mg pl with carriers
Mortar pl 4 x 3" tubes
AT pl 4 x 6pdr
Heavy mortar pl 4 x 4.2" tubes
Heavy AT pl 4 x 17pdrs.

I had reintroduced the 17pdrs thinking that would show Tyler the error of his ways, they shot once or twice (and I mean like one or two guns tops) and failed to even bail a tank. 

So here's an overview of the table. Yeah, there should be a bridge in that gap of the river, I took the picture while I was working on painting the bridge, you should see it in the AAR vids.  On the left you can see two vinyards outside of a small Italian village, a river with a small lake separates the village from the local farmlands and linear hills Italy is famed for.

Yeah again we were having fun, have no idea how to edit video and were using an old camera to shoot this. Outside of that you should get how the game went. 

The videos are broken down by turn and following that quick AARs by the two players.

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